Nurse Case Managers and Workers Comp


In any workplace, there is bound to have injuries or disagreements scenarios and how to settle on one decision can be done in the right way. One law firm well known to handle such cases is the DeSalvo law firm. The lead attorney in this business who is referred to as Mr. DeSalvo is known for his expertise in the legal sector. Mr. DeSalvo is a professional and said to be good for getting the job done for his clients.

It does not matter if the case is a tough one to crack or just a mere disagreement case, he is best known to be a case solver. Mr. DeSalvo has had good reviews given by most people he’s handled their cases. The clients tend to put their faith and trust in him as they are confident in his area of expertise. What this law does is having a well-strategized way into finding solutions to the cases he handles.

Most of his clients happen to be the nurses, managers and in general any worker. Their main complaint is to get compensated regardless of the situation of the case. It could be health insurance or injury compensation the client is asking for. Numerous of these work injuries do require adequate attention as most of these workers do not earn enough to cater for the damage cost.

In cases where a worker has been hurt or injured while in the company’s premise, most of these cases will not get compensated. As this will be an extra expense to the one damaged, it is therefore advised to ask for compensation to cater for the additional cost. Most of these cases end up in court and can be significant cases that will take up more time before settling on a settlement that is considerable.  Learn more about workers compensation at

Majority of the resource companies to claim that they’ve hired the nurse case managers to deal with the worker’s compensation, but this hasn’t been the case. They give the workers false hopes that their requests will be attended to but end up being unsettled.

While their primary goal is to worsen the situation, it is advised to have a lawyer tend to most of these cases to fight for the worker’s rights. Having a well knowledgeable and aggressive lawyer like Mr. DeSalvo will assist in working through the trial and makes sure that his clients get compensated for the injury and damages the company burdens them with, see page here!


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