Roles of the Nurse Case Manager in a Workers’ Compensation Claim


For those who have experienced workers’ compensation on wage loss benefits or when getting medical benefits, dealing with a nurse case manager may not very new to them. What most people wish to know is what the nurse case manager does in any given worker’s compensation claim. It’s simple! The nurse case manager assists the insurance company to know the amount of money the company should award you as the workers’ compensation benefit. In short, they calculate the benefits the victim should go and collect. Most insurance companies use the nurse case managers as the mediators between the adjuster and the doctor.

One of the things you may need to know about the nurse case managers at  is that they can go with you in any of the appointments you have. The nurse case managers usually help the injured workers to get the medical care they should get. In some cases, most workers don’t get the medical care they need and this is a violation of their rights as workers. For this to happen, the nurse case manager should be quite responsible and humane enough to get the best medical care for those who are in need. Getting compromised medical care would just compromise your overall health and this would mean a total loss.

Another role you would discover the nurse case managers do is serving liaisons. One thing you should keep in mind is that several parties would be involved or interested in a workers’ compensation claim. While some of the parties have good motives for the whole procedure, others have evil interests. Without someone in between to harmonize the activities going on, life would be different especially for the injured victim. Some of the parties involved in most workers’ compensation claims include the insurance company, employers, injured workers and the doctors. Liaison among these parties is important if justice is to rule in such circumstances.

You also need to understand that the nurse case managers at are the source of the concrete information needed concerning the injured victim. Without reliable and honest information, nothing good can come out of a workers’ compensation case where a victim has been injured and hospitalized.

One of the things the nurse case manager will in any nurse case manager workers comp is informing the insurance adjuster on what has been happening to the victim. This means the nurse case manager would make the adjuster understand what has been going on concerning the treatment authorization and doctor’s visits the victim has had all along. You may also read further about workers compensation at

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